Our Vision

Getting to know a city is very interesting, but if you do it exploring and discovering by yourself and having fun, it becomes a memorable experience. Playvisit reinvents the way people discover the world through location-based technologies and gamification: we turn the real world into a playground where memorable play-visit experiences can be created thanks to the power of the play.

Our Mission

Our mission is to add value to our customers, that want to create memorable location-based travel and educational experiences to be integrated in their products, through an easy-to-use technological platform with powerful editing tools.

Our Values

Passion: we put our heart on everything we do to create a better and more funny world.
Innovation and creativity: thinking outside the box to create original stuff that helps people solve their problems.
Solve root problems: when we detect a problem we focus on finding the solution at the root of it.
Be lean and move fast: validated learning is key to make agile and correct data-driven decisions.
Excellent Customer Service: those who trust us, educate us. Our customers deserve excellent service and attention.
Personal Growth: we believe in our team personal and professional growth creating an ecosystems that encourage and facilitate it.
Diversity and interculturality: a global and interconnected world requires a team that accepts and learns about diversity and interculturality.