Free Masterclass: Gamification and Storytelling in digital tourism

Date: December 10, 2020

Time: from 6.30pm to 8:00pm (CET)

Location: Google Meet (you will receive the link after registration)


We invite you to a free online masterclass with Oscar García Pañella! On December 10th at 6:30 p.m. (CET). Oscar García Pañella Dr. Oscar García Pañella holds a B.Sc. degree in Telecommunications, besides a M.Sc. and Ph. D degrees in Electronic Engineering. Oscar directs the New Interactive Technologies School of the University of Barcelona, that […]

Free webinar: how to be successful with PlayVisit Studio (English)

Date: April 7, 2021

Time: from 6.00pm to 7:00pm (CET)

Location: Google Meet (you will receive the link after registration)


We invite you to a free training session in English! On April 7th at 6:00 p.m. (CET). We want your experience with PlayVisit Studio to be as productive as possible and help you or your team to be able to create incredible virtual tours taking advantage of the full potential of our platform. In this […]

Discovering Water and Environment at Bauhaus Weimar University

Start date: September 19, 2017

End date: September 23, 2017

Location: Barcelona

Culture & Social | Education

The University of Weimar organized a location-based game-based learning experience using PlayVisit technology to discover different venues related to Water and Environment Management. What is this experience about? Several teachers from the University of Weimar created a geolocation game for teaching setting up a trial in September 2018 with 30-40 students. The game was between 1 and […]

Educational discovery of YOMO BCN 2018

Start date: February 28, 2018

End date: March 4, 2018

Location: Barcelona

Culture & Social | Education

PlayVisit organizes an indoor geolocalized adventure to dynamize and gamify the exploration of the different stands of the YOMO exhibition (MWC 2018) in collaboration with the Comissionat d'Innovació i Tecnologia de l'Ajuntament de Barcelona. What is this experience about? For four days, YoMo Barcelona will receive 15,000 school children from all over Catalonia and Spain […]
Palermo City Challenge PlayVisit GALA COnference 2018 education

Palermo City Challenge

Date: December 3, 2018

Location: Palermo

Culture & Social | Education

The students of the Secondary School of the Liceo participated for the first time in the "Palermo - City Challenge" 2018 Goal Create an educational game experience in real world so that students can discover the cultural and historical venues in the city of Palermo. The Experience On Monday, December 3, 2018, the team formed […]

The modernist Barcelona of Antoni Gaudí

Start date: June 28, 2018

End date: June 28, 2022

Location: Barcelona

banner gaudi web
Tour of the most emblematic places of Barcelona by the architect Antoni Gaudí What is this experience about? In this tourist experience you will have fun visiting certain places of Barcelona discovering some of the most unique and colorful buildings designed by Gaudí that you can find in Barcelona. His art is timeless, based on […]

The ‘techie’ gymkhana of the 13 martyrs of Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona

Start date: February 12, 2018

End date: February 12, 2022

Location: Barcelona

Culture & Social | Tourism

Urban Explorer is a cultural tourism app with routes through Barcelona with gastronomic offers   Goal Increase the number of users that finalize Urban Explorer app routes. The proposal From the base content on which the history of the route is based, PlayVisit applied gamification with challenges and mini-games to improve motivation and increase the […]
Free Webinar: First steps with PlayVisit Studio

Webinar: First steps with PlayVisit Studio

Date: July 16, 2018

Time: 6PM to 7PM (CEST)

Location: Skype (you receive the link by email when registering to the event)


The PlayVisit team invites you to a free training session about PlayVisit Studio! We want your experience with PlayVisit Studio to be as productive as possible for you or your team to be able to create incredible  experiences taking advantage of the potential of geolocation and gamification. In this webinar we will deal with the […]

The Barcelona of Gaudí

Start date: April 5, 2018

End date: April 5, 2020

Location: Barcelona


Antoni Gaudí was a Catalan architect who has been recognized internationally as one of the most prodigious experts in his discipline, as well as one of the greatest exponents of modernism. His exceptionally breakthrough genius was the architect of a unique, personal and incomparable architectural language difficult to label. Immerse yourself in this route and […]

Save the World – Barcelona

Date: February 10, 2018

Location: Barcelona


Become a hero and save the environment The Earth Special Agency have discovered that a mysterious tycoon called “Ulrik Morgan” runs a double-sided private corporation. Publicly it is dedicated to the research and development on sustainable energies and technologies. But it’s been leaked that this corporation have a network of secret installations where is hiding […]