Palermo City Challenge

Palermo City Challenge PlayVisit GALA COnference 2018 education

Date: December 3, 2018

Location: Palermo

Culture & Social | Education

The students of the Secondary School of the Liceo participated for the first time in the “Palermo – City Challenge” 2018


Create an educational game experience in real world so that students can discover the cultural and historical venues in the city of Palermo.

The Experience

On Monday, December 3, 2018, the team formed by Riccardo Cardinale, Roberta La Face and Virginia Varvaro, of the 4th grade at Liceo European Classic, was ranked first in the educational treasure hunt in the streets of the city, through an application made by PlayVisit. The organization and testing was carried out by the CNR of Palermo at the Games and Learning Alliance (GALA 2018), in which students participated in solving logical and cultural riddles as clues to discover some places of interest. historic city


16 groups of 3 students each. 48 students in total. The prizes were three energy packages for charging smartphones offered by the Beaconing Project.

The great success, not only in terms of results but also of participation, is clear evidence that the PlayVisit game is an activity that students face with passion and that can seriously facilitate learning paths and strengthen specific and cross-cutting skills. Up to 48 high school students who participated in the challenge, all with an excellent location.

The Liceo has paid special attention for a time to generate an educational offer that combines traditional teaching with the laboratory and technology, following a constant path of innovation that has sensitized all teachers at the various levels from the first moment thanks to the Teachers Training Plan for three years with appreciable impact on daily work. Scientifically, the game and the passion perfectly agree with the study of the classical Liceo.

Angela Randazzo (Gerente de la Escuela)

What is the experience about?

Treasure hunt for the most emblematic historical and heritage sites of the City of Palermo

Treasure hunt PlayVisit

Geotagged linear exploratory game where the objective is to find a treasure hidden in the real world. Users should look for places on the map, read relevant information about the context and solve the challenges to unlock clues to find the next place and finally discover where the treasure is hiding.


Time Limit: 60 minutes.

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