The ‘techie’ gymkhana of the 13 martyrs of Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona

Start date: February 12, 2018

End date: February 12, 2022

Location: Barcelona

Culture & Social | Tourism

Urban Explorer is a cultural tourism app with routes through Barcelona with gastronomic offers



Increase the number of users that finalize Urban Explorer app routes.

The proposal

From the base content on which the history of the route is based, PlayVisit applied gamification with challenges and mini-games to improve motivation and increase the % of visitors that complete the experience.

A journey full of questions, challenges and discoveries that help to live a rewarding experience, exploring the places where the events took place, mixing culture and local gastronomy of a lifetime.


Urban explorer managed to increase the number of users completing their tourist routes from 20% to 80%. 2500 people participated.


What is this experience about?

Discover the legend of the thirteen martyrdoms of Santa Eulalia, co-patron of Barcelona from its origins until the thirteen places in Barcelona City to which she was subjected for not giving up her beliefs.


Geolocation linear exploratory game where the objective is to follow a route in the real world. Finding places on the map, reading relevant information about the context and solving challenges from the beginning to the end of the game.




No time limit. Start and finish whenever you want!


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What will you visit?

  • Plaza de Santa Maria.
  • La Plaza del Ángel.
  • El templo de Augusto.
  • El claustro de la catedral.
  • La Catedral de Barcelona.
  • La Bajada de Sta. Eulalia.
  • Charcuteria La Pineda.
  • El arco de Santa Eulalia.
  • El Llano de La Boquería.
  • Plaza del Pedró.