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Easily create your own self-guided tours with our immersive technology: PLAYVISIT STUDIO


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Analyze the performance of your self-guided tours and make data-driven decisions with PLAYVISIT ANALYTICS

PlayVisit Studio 

Create your own self-guided tours with gamification and Augmented Reality with our Content Management System (CMS). Easy to-use and no need to program any line of code.


No programming skills required. Just focus on the experience you want to deliver to your users.


Upload your own audios and videos to create memorable audio guides and video guides for your visitors


Include game mechanics to challenge your users including engaging minigames like quizz, checkin, puzzles in your experiences.


Analyze the performance of your virtual tours and make smart data-based decisions.

You create the content. We handle the technology and the monetization

Using our platform you just need to focus on creating amazing content and gamified location-based experiences to engage your customers. PlayVisit takes care of all the technology behind the scenes

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Our Happy Clients

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Iternatura Cliente Playvisit
Gamification Europe Client PLayVisit
University of Weimar PlayVisit Client

Client Testimonials

Coventry University is benefiting from the collaboration with PlayVisit and its platform for developing an interactive pervasive game for reimagining cultural engagement with arts and historical landmarks in the city. PlayVisit is a great example of how research has informed a solution that is versatile and innovative when it comes to providing a user-friendly authoring of location-based games that can be applied in various sectors. 

Prof. Sylvester Arnab
University of Weimar PlayVisit Client

Coventry University

We have successfully used PlayVisit with one of our clients in the field of ‘retail’.

The ease and clarity to upload content, as well as the immediacy to incorporate players through a simple link make it a useful and powerful tool that we will continue to use and improve with the advice of PlayVisit professionals.
Rafael de Villasante
University of Weimar PlayVisit Client

Iternatura Comunicación

PlayVisit helps our company to diversify the products and services that we make available to our clients, loyalty, it is interactive and it is the link between those of us who have the tourist technique in the development of circuits according to the general interests of the demand, and those who want to add this knowledge and innovative cultural experience.

Laura Getino (CEO)
University of Weimar PlayVisit Client

Very Tourist

We used within of our part-time distance learning course “Water and the Environment” to introduce our students to the water infrastructure of the city of Weimar in a self-guided tour.

Although the majority of the students are already employed and very experienced, their assessment of was almost entirely positive and to be seen as an enrichment of the course. We will gladly reinstate!
Heinrich Söbke
University of Weimar PlayVisit Client

University of Weimar

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ReactivaTur, the new website that brings together all the aids for tourism reactivation

ReactivaTur, the new website that brings together all the aids for tourism reactivation

💡The Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, presented on 31st March ReactivaTur, a project that provides information on all the aid available for tourism from the different administrations, from European to local aid, with the aim of reactivating the tourism sector after the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Difference between guided, self-guided tour and virtual tours

What are the differences between a guided, self-guided or virtual tour?

💡We love to travel and explore, that’s an indisputable fact. In recent years, and in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, have raised many ways to travel and get away from the everyday to continue to enjoy. 
There is a wide range to choose from, depending on tastes, the traveller’s personality and the type of trip, which can be confusing. For this reason, we have prepared this publication, where we are going to explain the main differences between them, so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

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PlayVisit expands into the UK with a new self-guided tour from its new partner London Guided Walks.

PlayVisit expands into the UK with a new self-guided tour from its new partner London Guided Walks.

Amazon’s entry into the virtual experience business is one of the examples of the interest in new technologies in the sector that give rise to new digital tourism formats.

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