Film Lovers Part Two

So, you are a film lover! Prove how much you know about these movies set at these locations!

During this self-guided tour, your movie trivia will be challenged. Earn points by answering correctly and win an awesome badge.

Let's go on this City Game and have fun!

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Adventure modeWalking (on foot)

Tour typeFollow The Path


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Starting Point

London Bridge-James Bond


  • London Bridge-James Bond
  • Millennium Bridge
  • St. Paul's Churchyard
  • Bank of England
  • The Leadenhall Building
  • Tower of London
  • The Tower Bridge


- Charge your phone before leaving, a battery pack can be useful too.

- Headphones are required

- To begin, press "PLAY NOW" and head to your starting point

When you reach each point on the map information will automatically be activated

Explore London like you've never done before!


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Customer reviews

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Yuxin -


Film Lovers 2

Like the one before, this tour was just as informative and enjoyable as the first one, I got to see more parts of London. I did this tour straight after the first one because I wanted to learn more about Films and Dramas in both filmed and based in the UK. I feel like I made the right choice, the tour was interactive and took me to some really nice spots where I managed to get a few good photos in

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