Historical Pub Tour

“Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health.”

What does a Historical Food self-guided Tour entail?

If you enjoy eating, why not join this fascinating historical food tour. We've selected spots where you may learn about the first restaurants, cafes, bars, and more that still exist in the centre of London today.

You'll enjoy a variety of classic British foods such as award-winning Fish & Chips, World Famous Sausage Rolls and traditional Bacon & Egg Baps, tasters from street foods in China town. As well as getting a taste of all cuisines of this tour you’ll have the chance to learn about the history of these locations, what a bargain!

Exploring the diverse neighborhoods of London, we’ll introduce you to the best London food at local’s favorite stops and the fascinating stories that lie behind these dishes and the people who made them. You’ll learn the unique history of this city along the way, such as the famous Charles Dickens, George Gale Seafarers, and the chance to learn about the Royal exchange building.

We hope you're hungry because you'll be given discount codes to try the food and drinks from these establishments throughout this tour. So, make sure you come with an open mind, an empty tummy and have fun...

Let's go on this City Game and have fun!

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Adventure modeWalking (on foot)

Tour typeFollow The Path

CategoryCultural - Social

Local Partner

Extra Mile Tours

Starting Point

The Bleeding Heart


  • The Bleeding Heart
  • Ye Olde Mitre
  • Jerusalem tavern
  • The Old Bell Tavern
  • The Hand and Shears
  • Wellington
  • The Royal Exchange
  • Pasqua Rosee's Coffee Hou


- Charge your phone before leaving, a battery pack can be useful too.

- Headphones are required

- To begin, press "PLAY NOW" and head to your starting point

When you reach each point on the map information will automatically be activated

Explore London like you've never done before!


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Yuxin -



This tour was by far the hardest for me, though I didn't do well, I was still supplied with the necessary knowledge to introduce me to the history of Pubs in London. The pubs are very different from what they are in my home country, and it was interesting to go in and look at them and gauge what it's like to be a part of such a important part of history of UK.

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