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Frequently asked questions

Is PlayVisit Studio FREE?

Yes. You can use PlayVisit Studio for free during 30 days of the FREE Trial Plan and use all its functionalities to create digital tours.

Do my users need to download an App to access my digital tours created in PlayVisit Studio?

No. All Tours created in PlayVisit Studio work on the mobile browser of any smartphone. You just have to share with your users or add on your website the link provided in PlayVisit Studio for each tour. By clicking on the link, your users access the Tour directly from their mobile. We recommend using Safari for smartphones with iOS operating system and Google Chrome for smartphones with Android operating system.

What advantages does PlayVisit Studio offer me over its competitors?

Using PlayVisit Studio, you can have in a single tool the possibility of creating and monetizing all the virtual tours you need in your own way, without having to be an expert programmer. We integrate technology to make it available to users of all kinds. Our advantage is not only the technological reach but also the economic flexibility in the use of a powerful and multipurpose tool.

Do I need any programming knowledge to create my virtual tours?

No. We assure you. We are interested that you spend time developing the content of your tours and that you create incredible experiences for your clients and users. Dedicate yourself going beyond the limits of your imagination and we take care of the technology.

In how many languages can I create my virtual tours with PlayVisit Studio?

In all that you want. We offer you a system in which the textual content is created by you and your users or clients see it as you have created it. The PlayVisit interface and technology will be displayed in the language you select in PlayVisit Studio. Available languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian and Euskera.

If I am a freelance user and not a company, can I use the platform for free?

Of course, technology is available to everyone. You can use it for free while you are on the FREE Trial Plan to create your virtual tours.

How can I earn money from tours created in PlayVisit Studio?

Activate your own Tours Store

Promote local (thematic) commerce: Create points of interest in some local businesses and charge them for bringing people who participate in the tour to them. In this sense, you can create many thematic routes that allow you to promote different themes of the city: Gastronomic route (restaurants, bars, etc); Tourist route (museums, monuments,); Artistic Route (art galleries, exhibitions, museums, etc.), etc. Consider offering benefits or discounts to Tour participants: 20% discount at the restaurant / entrance to the museum, etc. Look for sponsors: Offer the free tour and look for sponsors such as the City Council, Tourism Companies, Communication Companies, etc. Check out our use cases:  

From PlayVisit we can offer you the service of creating an App if you are interested. ¡¡Contact usnow!

Do I have to insert my credit / debit card number to use PlayVisit Studio?

No. You can use PlayVisit Studio without adding any billing information while your account is on the FREE Trial Plan. As soon as you end your Free Trial or if you want to subscribe to a higher Plan, we will ask you to add your billing information.

Why my users are not seeing the Points of Interest on the map?

Created tours work on both iOS and Android devices. If you do not see the points of interest created in PlayVisit Studio when you want to start the tour, it may be a consequence of not having geolocation activated on your device and / or in your browser. We explain how to activate it:

1) To activate geolocation on an Android device:

Para activar la geolocalización en tu navegador Google Chrome:

2) To activate geolocation on an iOS device: 

What happens if I don’t upgrade my free plan after the 30-day trial?

When the 30-day trial ends, all your content DOES NOT disappear from the platform. You can edit all tours freely but you cannot publish them if you do not subscribe to one of our pricing plans.

Tour types: What is the difference between Follow the Path, Treasure Hunt and Free Spirit?

Follow the Path: users will see their position and points of interest (POI) on the map. They will have to visit them all in the established order to complete the tour. Treasure Hunt: Users will see their location but will NOT see Points of Interest (POIs) on the map. They will have to visit them all in the established order to complete the tour. To find the hidden points they have to guide themselves by following the meter indicator and compass. As they get closer or farther the distance and orientation will change. Free Spirit: users will see their position and points of interest (POI) on the map. They will have to visit them all in the order they prefer to complete the tour.

What does MAU means?

1 MAU (Monthly Active User) is a single user who starts a tour in a web browser one day. We use cookies to tell about it. You don’t have any limit of Users for your tours created.


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